Participants at the “Calling All Evangelicals” conference at Virginia Theological Seminary, May 23 2009, asked for a blog by means of which those who were there could keep in touch which each other and commend their point of view to the Episcopal Church: here it is!

And let the first posting thank Doug LeBlanc for setting it up.

Below are the recordings of the four talks given at the conference. Update 2010: WordPress no longer allows us to link to these talks here. If you would like to hear them, e-mail pw35 [at] and the mp3 files will be made available. They were uploaded in the order in which they were given, which means that the first talk is at the very bottom of the page. Not the best way to do it, we now realise, but we learn as we go.

We apologise for the quality of these recordings; we believe we have learned how to do better next time on that, too, and look forward to proving that at the September conference, about which more will follow soon.

If you have problems downloading the talks, e-mail evangelicalfellowship (at) to report that. You have to register with WordPress if you want to comment. If you e-mail evangelicalfellowship (at), we can add you to the list of contributors. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re really hoping to avoid the nasty remarks that tend to be sent to sites like this by those who have left the Episcopal Church.

Thanks for checking out the blog, and God bless you!