Post header 4 (bridge)Michael Lawson is Chairman of the Church of England Evangelical Council, and a guest speaker at the Episcopal Evangelical Assembly in September.

“The Galatian gospel had lapsed into formalism and law keeping. They were miles away from where they had begun in such earnest. But Paul does not unchurch them. His response is to reform the church from within.

“It’s the same situation in Corinth. ‘I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus’ (I Corinthians 1:4). Paul is writing to the most comprehensively wacky, wayward church described in the New Testament, and yet he still thanks God for them. This shows us how we Evangelicals should work within the wider world of the sometimes wayward Anglican Church. Probably we’ve all felt frustrated like Paul felt frustrated, sitting in a meeting, a Convention, or just in church on Sunday. We’ve all thought—you foolish Galatians. You foolish Anglicans. You idiots! But of course we are Anglicans—reluctantly, maybe, some of us, but perhaps God has placed us where we are because He agrees about the ongoing need for reformation, and He wants to use us to accomplish it?

“If so, what are our tasks and how are we to achieve reform from within?”

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