Chuck Alley, rector of St Matthew’s Episcopal Church, RichmondThe Revd Chuck Alley, addressing Evangelicals in the Episcopal Church at the Episcopal Evangelical Assembly at Virginia Theological Seminary on September 12th 2009:

The spectrum from Reformation Evangelical to fundamentalist is continuous indeed, with the individual Evangelical being placed at different points on the spectrum depending on his answer to the specific question he is being asked. Who among us has not been accused of being a fundamentalist by someone who has disagreed with our stand on the authority of Scripture or the uniqueness of Christ and his atoning sacrifice? At the same time, looking at the history of the evangelical movement in America, who among us would be able to mount a convincing rebuttal to that charge? Have not the recent and on-going evangelical departures from the Episcopal Church laid us open to the indictment of separatism characteristic of fundamentalism? The evangelical waters have become so murky with human machinations that it is virtually impossible to tell the baby from the bath water.

The complete talk can be heard or downloaded here; the text can be read or downloaded here.

A report of the discussion at the Assembly, and plans for the future, will be posted shortly.

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