Next StepsThe Revd Robert Prichard

A number of participants at the September 11-12, 2009 Evangelical Episcopal Assembly made excellent suggestions about specific projects that we might undertake in the future.  A partial list of such suggestions includes the following:

  • A workshop on how to engage those with whom we disagree in a gracious manner.
  • Workshops on Biblical preaching and effective Bible studies
  • A book or anthology that lays out the assumptions of Evangelical Episcopalians
  • A network for deployment of evangelical clergy
  • A resource to recruit, support, and nurture future evangelical clergy.

One way to prioritize these goals is to ask, are there any of these projects on which you will personally be willing to work within the next six months?  Projects for which there is willingness to commit today should logically be undertaken before those which are good ideas but for which we lack current resources or enthusiasm.

Bob Prichard

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