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Living in the Church in Divisive Times

It is unfair to be serious about the personal sins of gay and lesbian persons, and silent about the numerous personal sins of all others. We need to be more consistent in our use of language, and more consistent in our call to personal holiness…

Those Evangelicals who have left the Episcopal Church have also, we hope and pray, left behind the division and disunion that we who have stayed in PECUSA still experience. One of the most important functions of what we have begun to call the Barnabas Fellowship is to help each other understand and cope with the differences between us and many others in our church.

Bob Prichard gave a series of talks on this subject at a clergy conference in the Diocese of Pittsburgh in 2003, and has kindly allowed us to make them available. The first of them examines the way we discuss the issues over which we differ, and can be read here.

The next in the series will be posted in about a week, and there is a third to follow.

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