Written for all who teach the faith, clergy, Bible study leaders, parents etc

In all your public teaching and private conversation, stress the necessary conjunction of holiness and peace; and of the love of God and man; and make your hearers understand that love is their holiness, and the sum of their religion; the goal of faith, the heart of sanctification, and the fulfilling of the law: And that as love of God units us to Him, so love of man unites us to one another. All teaching or practice which is against love and unity is against God and against Christ and against the great work of the Spirit, and is enmity to the Church and to mankind. Press these things on them all the year, that your hearers may be bred up and nourished with these principles from their youth.

IF ever the church is to recover from its wounds, it must be by the peaceable dispositions of clergy and people. And if ever they are to come to a peaceable disposition, it must be by peaceable doctrine and principles: by the full and frequent explication of the nature, pre-eminence, necessity and power of love: that they may hear of it so much, and so long, till Love be made their religion, and become the natural constitution of their souls. And if ever anyone is to be brought to this, it must be by daily drawing it from those breasts which nourish them in the infancy and youth of their religion, and by learning it as the sum of Godliness and Christianity. The older experienced ripe and mellow clergy and people must instil it into those still learning, and into the younger clergy, that there may be nothing so commonly in their ears and in their studies, as Uniting-Love: that they may be taught to know that God is Love, and that he that dwells in love dwells in God, and God in him (I John 4. 16). And that the love of God always works towards His image in man (I John 4. 7, 11, 12, 20). And that all people have some of God’s image in their nature, in that they have reason and the power to choose (Genesis 9.6). And therefore we must love men as men, and saints as saints; it is love of God and man, which is true holiness, and the new creation, to which Christ came to bring back fallen man, and for which the Holy Spirit is sent, and for which all the means of grace are intended and fitted, and for which they must be used, or they are misused. In a word, that FAITH WORKING BY LOVE, or LOVE and THE WORKS OF LOVE KINDLED BY THE SPIRIT BY FAITH IN CHRIST, is the sum of all the Christian Religion (Galatian 5. 6, 13, 22, I Timothy 1. 5).

He that proclaims holiness and zeal, without a due commemoration of love and peace, deceives his hearers about that very holiness and zeal which he commends.

Language modernised a bit; it was published in 1670, after all. ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose‘…