The latest issue of New Directions, a gadfly Anglo-Catholic monthly published in London, features an article about how the Vatican described the film The Blues Brothers as a ‘Catholic classic’ (because the brothers in question are raising money for a Catholic orphanage, ‘the brothers’ only family’) and asks what movie would be the ‘Anglican classic’.

ND‘s own thoughts:  ‘Don’t all nominate The Great Escape – that’s reserved for Ordinariatians. Also no birettas in the ring for Arsenic and Old Lace. Will Reform-ers, looking for GAFCON help, go for South Pacific? Nostalgics, remembering 11.00 Matins, should back Lost Horizon. How about a film celebrating the Anglican via media? Then it’s got to be the Johnny Cash biog, Walk the Line.  Yet if Rome can live with The Blues Brothers’ ribaldry, perhaps Lambeth should be equally brave. So only one contender to describe contemporary Anglicanism: Jailhouse Rock.’

Readers of this blog may add their own suggestions. I’m torn between Help! and Separate Tables.