Thanks to Bruce Robison for pointing out this helpful piece on Anglicanism by Gerald Bray, here. These words were especially interesting, I thought: “Tragically, it seems that the current spiritual lethargy of Anglicanism in the English-speaking world is connected to the demise of the Prayer Book since the 1960s. However, there is still a faithful remnant that keeps its witness alive, both in the traditional 1662 form and in modern-language adaptations, and there are signs that a spiritual renewal may be developing that will influence the Anglican Communion in the next generation.”

Many Evangelicals in the Church of England at the time thought the 1662 book a sad decline from its predecessors, giving too much glory to bishops and re-establishing unbiblical ceremonies that had been little used for a generation. I think they had a point, but the declines since have made the situation so much worse that a return to 1662 would be progress beyond my wildest dreams.