John Richardson, known to blog readers as the Ugley Vicar, writes: “Evangelicals sometimes seem to lament that ‘nothing can be done’ to change the Church of England. For my own part, I cannot believe that is true. Looking around the world, I do not see that the various offshoots of Anglicanism are uniformly disappointing and ineffective. And if that is the case here, then something made it so—it is not, surely, an inevitable feature of any formal manifestation of Christ’s kingdom. So to those across the country who wonder what can be done, may I suggest they follow our example, and start their own Anglican Bible Conference? Yes, it is hard work. And it has taken us ten years and some disappointments to get where we are today (plus, recently, the extraordinary contribution of our conference organizer, Carolan).

“Twelve years ago, I sat in a Diocesan Evangelical Association committee meeting, listening to people bewail the lack of biblical input on an official diocesan conference and asked why we didn’t do something ourselves. And here we are today. For those who feel the same about their own diocese, my response is the same: ‘Why don’t you follow our example? Who knows what you might achieve? And it might take you far less than our ten years.’”

Don Carson was the speaker at their most recent conference; read the report here.