An Anglo-Catholic acquaintance asked me recently if I was familiar with the web sites ‘Acknowledge and Bewail‘ or ‘Bad Vestments‘, on which Anglo-Catholics indulge in some highly amusing and, better than that, witty self-mockery. Of course I was able to answer in the affirmative, and say how much I enjoyed my (rare) visits. Then, I don’t know why, I said it would be good to have an Evangelical equivalent. We can be as witty as Anglo-Catholics, can’t we? My acquaintance, however, just said ‘what on earth would you say on it?’ and changed the subject.

His question stayed with me, though, because the truth is that he’s right. At least, I can’t think of anything we could put on it. There’s simply nothing to satirise about Evangelicals! At least, if we are true to our roots, there isn’t, because our whole principle is ‘what’s scriptural and nothing else’. Someone could mock our commitment to the principle, but that’s something different. The essence of satire is the exaggeration of personal characteristics, and if we don’t add anything to our obedience to Christ, there’s nothing personal to exaggerate.

Charismatics can be satirised, although unlike Anglo-Catholics, they seem to have little sense of humor regarding their unique contributions to the Christian mosaic. The only self-satire I can think of in Charismatic circles is the now quite hoary (but still utterly hilarious) The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, Aged 37¾.

So which Evangelical is up to the task?