Over the years I’d say one of the biggest helps to my faith and ministry has been the conference—getting together with other evangelical Christians to hear and respond to each other’s thoughts about God’s word. Since the departure of two thirds (I’m guessing) of the Episcopal Church’s Evangelicals over the last few years, conferences with Episcopal speakers have become hard to organise, but there are still plenty of good ones organised by others at which Episcopal Evangelicals can have fellowship with each other while being encouraged from God’s word. Here are some I can recommend (by all means add those you know about):

There are a couple of Proclamation Trust style Preaching Conferences (also recommended for Bible Study leaders): a Simeon Trust Conference May 11-13, 2011 in Wheaton, Illinois, led by Bryan Chapell and David Helm at College Church, more info here; and Preaching and Teaching the Bible at Mark Driscoll’s Seattle church, taught by Dr. Kent Hughes, David Helm, Scott Thomas, Dave Bruskas, and Dr. Justin Holcomb, Sept 8-10, more info here.

In New York City, Redeemer Presbyterian is presenting a weekend-long Faith and Work conference this fall, more info about that here.

There’s also the Evangelical Women’s Conference in Arlington Heights, IL on April 30, which is described in more detail here.

And for men there’s Iron Sharpens Iron 2011 in Hershey PA on Saturday March 5, info here.

Please add to the list if you can, and tell us if you’re going so we can look out for each other there.