A few months ago there was discussion on this blog about sites that satirise evangelicals, and some of us doubted whether such a thing were possible. The following is not from such a site:

“Have you ever sat in a bible study, surrounded by other more-holy Christians with their well-worn Bibles and felt embarrassed, worried or stressed by your clean, new bible? Are you concerned you don’t have the appearance of godliness that others do?

“The pre-thumbed Bible has been produced especially for the less-experienced Christian to appear they have read more of the Bible than they actually have! Guaranteed to convince any pastor, curate or youthworker of your genuine commitment to the Word. The pre-thumbed Bible comes with that authentic ‘used’ feel so often lacking from new books. Each page has been turned a minimum of 15 times (40 for Romans). Key passages and words have been underlined throughout to ensure you fit in with all those more spiritual Christians around you.”

Yours for about $15 plus shipping (if they haven’t sold out) from thegoodbook.co.uk. Check out their less specialised Bibles too.