Perhaps Evangelicals do belong on the right after all (despite this earlier post)—at least Anglo-Catholic Archbishop Rowan Williams seems to be placing himself squarely on the left.

But that earlier post led to some comments about church and state, about which an Anglican in the UK has this to say:

The Archbishop is simply doing his job: he is braving not just Conservative and LibDem politicians, but the National Secularists and the British Humanists and all who believe that religion should be eradicated from the public sphere… there is no doubt at all that the Established Church has a duty to intervene when it perceives the need. After all, politicians have the constitutional right to interfere in the workings of the Church, and the very presence of the lords spiritual in Parliament presupposes a degree of reciprocity.

Those who refer to the fact that Dr Williams is himself unelected are spectacularly ignorant of our institutions of government. What he is doing is evident to all who have ears; to all who understand history, the religio-political function and purpose of the Monarchy, the development of our system of government and the checks and balances which have evolved over the centuries to limit the exercise of absolute and arbitrary power.

A case could also be made that he is stepping into the gap left by the departure of Evangelicals from their historic support for popular government; there was a time when the word ‘Whig’ had ecclesiastical as well as political overtones, and the ecclesiastical ones were distinctly evangelical…