In 1945, the Church of England issued a call to its members to convert the whole nation to Christianity. John Richardson describes how the church got sidetracked from that work, and calls Evangelicals in the C of E to get the whole church back to that goal. Read it, and his suggested strategy for achieving it, here. Could Evangelicals in the Episcopal Church follow the same strategy in getting the Episcopal Church to take the conversion of America seriously? If not, what strategy would work?

Perhaps for Americans a look at the years before the issuing of that call would be instructive. Britain began the war convinced that it was a Christian nation fighting for Christian civilisation. One writer to the Times even suggested that to support the war effort was proof of Christian faith at some unconscious level. By 1943, when the discussions that led to the 1945 statement began, the church at least had realised that Britain was not so Christian as it had claimed to be, and needed to be brought into a deeper faith. What got them to see that need? What will open our eyes to the need here?