The protesters who occupied this blog last night have been told they must leave. After working all night, blog technicians have shut off their oxygen supply by making it impossible for others to add to their ill-judged outburst, but efforts to remove their camp have so far been unsuccessful. A reporter who visited the scene in the middle of the night claimed that all the tents were empty, and that the group organising the protest is smaller than claimed. Among those who signed their statement, Buffaloon and Jensen (no relation) are well known to Evangelical authorities as trouble-makers, but authors suspect that Ratholder and Bagwash are not members of the Evangelical community, if they even exist.

All responsible Evangelicals, of course, must deplore any attempt to sow dissension among Evangelicals by suggesting that Scripture should govern worship as well as doctrine and life. The reference to denominationalism is incomprehensible, and clearly indicates a mind more fallen than most.

We are confident that we will have the situation under complete control shortly.