From Phillip Jensen, Dean of Sydney Cathedral, here:

We have moved away from parish ministry into church ministry. We are ceasing to evangelize because we spend all our time in church, with church people, running church, making church work, making church better, and trying to grow our church, because church is so important. Instead of leaving the 99 to go and find the one, we are unwilling to leave the 50 go and reach the 30,000 who live all around us, and who are not hearing the gospel because we’re spending all of our time with the 50 in church.

As Jensen points out, one can at least understand why the clergy do this, since the fifty are paying their salary. But if the rest of the church isn’t leaving the fifty from time to time for at least one or two of the thousands, the clergy must not even be encouraging others to evangelise. And that is surely inexplicable.