The election of Dorsey McConnell as Bob Duncan‘s successor as Bishop of Pittsburgh is good news for Evangelicals, both in the diocese and in the wider church. In his biography (here) he speaks of creating ‘a network of clergy and lay leaders committed to an evangelical Gospel’, and says that ‘all I really know is that I cannot live without Christ, that I depend on him completely, that all my joy resides in his determination to make my life his own.’

The value to Evangelicals in Pittsburgh of leadership rooted in this personal a relationship with Christ is obvious, but God willing there will be benefits from this election for the wider Episcopal Church, and even beyond. McConnell stresses the importance of ‘congregationally-based mission both within and across our own denominational boundaries’, and a determination to ‘share the riches and ethos of Anglicanism with other churches who are daughters of the Reformation’. It’s been a long time since I heard anyone speaking this sort of language in the Episcopal Church; I pray we’ll all hear a lot more of it in the future.