Yesterday the diocese of which I’m part elected a bishop. The result is good news for Evangelicals, and I’ll have more to say about that later today, but there are some people who should be honored for their role in that election, and I want them to have their moment ‘above the fold’.

First, thanks to candidate Michael Ambler. At the beginning of the day yesterday there was not much reason for hope in worldly terms, especially with news coming that two of the clergy who incline towards the evangelical position were kept away by sickness. I was sure that the diocese would be too divided to elect someone from either side of the aisle, and Michael was the one candidate who had placed himself firmly in the center. I thought we would all need to turn to him eventually. That process was just beginning on the ballot that produced the election, and I believe Michael was doing the godly thing by remaining available for that purpose, even though it couldn’t have been very enjoyable for him.

Second, thanks to the handful of lay people who switched from Stan Runnells to the winner on the sixth ballot. That was a big move, in churchmanship terms, and I doubt it was because of any sudden conversion. I’m convinced they turned away from their own desires for the sake of Christ’s body, and for no other reason. When I grow up, I want to be just like them.