Time to try again to get an Evangelical on to one of the national church’s committees, commissions, agencies or boards. Appointments of lay and clergy members are made by the chair of the House of Deputies, and nominations are being accepted until August 1st. Make sure the nominee is willing to serve before turning in the nomination.

According to the secretary of the House of Deputies, membership on Standing Commissions and Committees of Executive Council is open to all members of The Episcopal Church.

There is a list of the Standing Commissions here. Strategically speaking, the Standing Commission on Communication and Information Technology, the Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian Formation and Education, the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, and the Standing Commission on Ministry Development would be good targets, while Evangelicals might be especially helpful on the Standing Commission on the Mission and Evangelism of The Episcopal Church.

The list of Committees of Executive Council is here. Strategically speaking, the Episcopal News Service Advisory Committee and the Executive Council Committee on Strategic Planning seem good targets for nomination, while Evangelicals might be especially helpful on the Executive Council Joint Standing Committee on Local Ministry and Mission.

On the list of boards and agencies here, the Board for Transition Ministry, which deals with clergy placement, would be worth a shot.

Put on your thinking cap and see what you come up with. To submit a nomination, go here and click the ‘next section’ link at the bottom of the page.