John Richardson became a Christian as a college student, thanks to the work of the Christian Union (a campus ministry in England). He then became active in the Christian Union, and went on to ordained ministry in the Church of England. On reflection (here), he finds that the Christian Union was/is more effective at making disciples and teaching them to obey all that Christ taught the apostles, by several orders of magnitude, than the Church of England.

Generally speaking, ministries like the Christian Union are happy to leave the baptising bit of the Great Commission to the church. And, generally speaking, churches like the Church of England and the Episcopal Church in the USA are equally happy to leave the making and teaching bits to lay people who like that sort of thing.

John thinks the church should learn something from the Christian Union, becoming more like it. But perhaps what John describes is just the way God is working these days. Perhaps the churches should be left to baptise, and do their ritual thing for those who like that sort of thing, and those who want to be more active than just attend on Sunday morning, or even do more than lead what happens on Sunday morning, should get active in the Christian Union type ministry appropriate to their circumstances. Perhaps expecting the church to change is going against God.

Of college ministries, there seems already an almost endless supply. What are the ministries to ex-college students trying to cope with three children under ten, or the parents of college students trying to meet the tuition bills, or the over-sixties trying to remember what they even did in college?