One thing you have to watch out for when you maintain a blog is the invasion of spam comments. People who want you to visit their web-site, which sells this that or the other thing, will post a comment making some general statement, like ‘good point’ or ‘what a great blog’—nothing that requires actually reading the post they’re commenting on—and somewhere in the comment will be a link to the blog they’re touting.

During the last year, I’ve had to delete several dozen of these comments. Nothing unusual about that, I’m sure, but what must be unusual is that all the comments are made on a single posting, the first in the series of ‘Evangelicals and Holy Communion’ (here). That post is almost a year old, as is the most recent comment on it, yet until a few weeks ago it was getting spam comments added every couple of weeks. I finally closed the comment option, and since then I’ve not had a single spam comment anywhere on the blog.

What I’m wondering is, what is it about Evangelicals and Holy Communion that attracts the attention of these spammers? Is it spiritual warfare or what?