William Lane CraigA year or so ago we reported (here) that evangelical philosopher William Lane Craig ‘had Dawkins on the run’—referring to the atheist apologist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins, as he often does at Christmas and Easter, has made another attack on Christianity, saying that teaching Christianity to children is worse than sexually abusing them. But so far has Dawkins’s stock fallen that the only media outlet he could find now to distribute his nonsense is the Muslim TV station Al Jazeera!

‘The mood has shifted against Dawkins. The only reason to banish the ancient prof is if he can no longer draw in the viewing figures. So, all ye faithful: our prayers have been answered. This may be the last Christmas that this particular turkey will be invited to strut his wares.’—Cristina Odone, Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies and former editor of the Catholic Herald