Dali cross 2A discussion of why Good Friday is a triumph on John Richardson‘s blog (The Ugley Vicar, see list on the right of this page) elicited this comment about Jesus’s words from the cross, ‘It is finished’:

Giles Fraser’s inaccurate caricature of evangelicals does nothing to detract from the thrill this evangelical gets from the one through whom all things were made saying such a thing.

As I read that, I experienced the same thrill: the Greek word reported by John is ‘tetelestai’, of which ‘it is finished’ is a somewhat feeble translation. ‘It is complete’ comes a bit closer, but ‘it’s reached its goal’, however ungainly, is perhaps the best way to render the idea in English. And that the one who made the heavens and the earth in the first place would recognise His own offering of Himself, once for all, for the sins of the whole world, as the culmination of everything, the moment when the Universe finally came together, and in something done for unredeemed sinners, just for the likes of me, in fact, is almost too much to bear.