John of PatmosA hymn for this Sunday, when it will be sung in public for the first time at the Heinz Chapel, University of Pittsburgh. The tune will be ‘Holy Manna’, although any 8787D tune should work. Feel free to use it, as long as you use the copyright line as printed below.

Jesus Christ, the faithful witness,
Jesus, risen from the dead.
Of all earthly kings the ruler,
Yet He suffered in our stead:
Here to You Who loved completely
praise we sing and worship give,
By Your blood from sin You freed us,
Now in You we freely live.

Jesus Christ, High Priest, ordaining
us Your priestly kingdom now,
Priests to God Your loving Father,
Use us, though we know not how.
For to You is all the glory,  
All dominion of all men,
To Your will both now and ever
we give gladly our ‘amen’.

Jesus Christ is soon returning,
See Him with the clouds descend.
Every eye on earth will see Him,
All pretences then must end.
All who pierced Him, all who mocked Him,
All the earthly tribes will wail,
See at last their idols broken,
See their earthly kingdoms fail.

Jesus, Alpha and Omega,
First and Last and all between!
He Who is and was and will be,
God most mighty to redeem!
God most holy, holy, holy,
God the everlasting Son,
God the Spirit in us moving,
God, eternal Three in One!

Words: John of Patmos, 1st century AD (Revelation 1.4–8, 4.8); metrical setting © Philip Wainwright (2013); tune: Holy Manna