CourageThanks to Bruce Robison for tipping me off to this article by Pete Myers in Cross+Way. Substitute ‘Episcopal Church’ for ‘C of E’.

If we care about the gospel: we will learn to put things in perspective. If we care about people’s souls: we will learn to be winsome. If we care about the future: we will learn how to choose our battles wisely.  We must shed ourselves of the view that standing firm in the faith means clearly disassociating from error by telling everyone where they’re wrong. Such a view is ineffective. The Bible doesn’t support it. Church history doesn’t support it.  If we want to see revival in our country, we need to follow Cranmer’s example. We need evangelical courage: Courage to stick it out in the C of E. Courage to engage with the C of E structures. Courage to face reality: to be positive, befriend our opponents, and choose our battles judiciously while fighting them wisely.

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