Blowing on a fireIf you type the phrase ‘Evangelicals in the Episcopal Church’ into your search engine, this blog comes up at the No 2 position; type ‘Evangelical Episcopalians’ and it’s number 8—which is quite a bit higher than a few weeks ago, for some reason. No 1 is the site for ‘Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches’ on Wikipedia, which describes a denomination started by some charismatic Episcopalians in the 1990s. Anything in a Wikipedia article always comes up No 1, I think because the biggest search engine, Google, has a financial stake in the Wikipedia service.

The rest of the sites returned by the search are not connected to the Episcopal Church. They are mostly old blog posts by people who are now members of various break-away ‘Anglican’ groups. In other words, this site is the only one that an interested person will find that deals with evangelicalism as it still survives in the Episcopal Church.

I guess we’d better get to work on a Wikipedia page…