Carl HenryIs the truth the truth because God wills it to be the case? Is God a Deity who speaks in intelligible sentences and paragraphs? If the answer to those two questions is affirmative, then no other church tradition offers a better theological method than Protestant evangelicalism—a movement that at its origin radically committed itself to theological conclusions explicated in the Word of God alone.

These words were written by Carl Henry, who has been described as ‘the most influential Evangelical theologian of the twentieth century’. In recent years Henry has gone out of fashion, rejected as a modernist by a church infatuated with post-modernism. A recently published book puts Henry firmly in the tradition of ‘classic evangelicalism’, and was written in the hope that not only will Henry’s idea of truth be recovered, but that it will actually seem ‘cool’ to the rising generation. The book was written by Gregory Thornbury, recently appointed President of King’s College in New York, so he will have the opportunity to bring this idea directly to that generation. Available here.