Sowing the SeedThe news (see post below) of George Kovoor‘s presence in the Diocese of Connecticut has sparked speculation, on this blog and elsewhere, about the possibility of a revival of fellowship and energy among Evangelicals in the Episcopal Church. If such a revival were to take place, what would happen? It seems to me that the only revival worth working for is one in which we would see more clergy expounding a single scripture passage from the pulpit on Sunday mornings, more discussion of the sermon by those present afterwards, more people in Bible study during the week, more people in Bible study or prayer groups in their place of employment, more children being taught to esteem God’s word rather than their own ideas in Sunday School, more people going on mission trips and involved in ministry to those in need, more giving to the work of the church, more people volunteering for youth work—the list really does go on, and every Evangelical could continue it. In short, the priority would be soul-winning, not church-fight-winning. Would it change the nature of those whose sights are set on the ‘top’ of the hierarchy? Probably not. Would it matter? Probably not.