This talk (click here) was given to younger Evangelicals in the Church of England, but it doesn’t take much thinking to see the application for those in the Episcopal Church. The speaker, Lee Gatiss, draws on the great military strategists of history, quoting Homer, Sun Tzu, Plutarch, Field-Marshal Montgomery, and Cortes (as well as the Bible, in case you need reassuring) before concluding, ‘If we are to avoid the slow death of a softening evangelicalism or the catastrophe of having to start again from scratch, the brightest course ahead for those who want to see a renewed Church of England, is to stick with it and keep contending – not just on the “big issues” of the day, but on the gospel issues. There is no point winning all the battles on human sexuality, if we lose the war for human salvation.’ I found Sun Tzu’s point about foraging from the enemy particularly apt!