images7NGUCNWAThe 2015 gathering of Evangelicals in the Episcopal Church, also known as Evangelion (not to be confused with the upcoming Animé movie), was a winner. Since 2008, when most Episcopalian Evangelicals left to join a breakaway movement, there have been no less than four such gatherings, each hoping to re-energise those who have stayed, and this fourth try was the one that clicked. A spirit of optimism and hope pervaded the whole gathering, and plans are under way for similar gatherings in other places in 2016 and 2017.

Keynote speaker was Lee Gatiss, executive director of Church Society, the oldest evangelical institution in the Church of England. Other speakers were Thomas Isham and Philip Wainwright, and the main points made by each speaker will be summarized in separate posts over the next week. Most presentations were filmed by Anglican TV, and as soon as they are available for viewing a link will be available on this site.

Plans were also made for a series of short, readable, publications setting out the relationship between Episcopal practices and the teaching of Scripture, beginning with baptism and the renewal of the baptismal vows and covenant. It’s hoped that this booklet will be in print before the 2016 gathering in Pittsburgh.

The conference was conceived and organized by Jordan Lavender, and hosted by Adam Egan, rector of St Stephen’s in Delmar, NY, where the conference was held. Check back here for more details over the next few days (or click ‘Follow’ to get the additional posts by e-mail).