PECUSA’s Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, preached a wonderful sermon at the Royal Wedding, almost everyone agrees. I thought the same thing myself as I listened, and thanked God that someone who could speak so comfortably about Jesus had been invited to preach. Everything he said was true; even if we are only speaking of human love, all those aspects of life he mentioned would be so much better if love were the way, and it is inspiring to imagine them.

The fatal flaw, of course, is that unless Jesus means far more to us than a wonderful example of human love, imagining those things is all we can ever do. We all know that love is the answer to all human problems, but we all also know that human beings simply cannot live as lovingly as the case requires. Love means always having to say you’re sorry when your love isn’t up to the demands made upon it, and most of us have enough trouble saying that to those we love the very most, let alone to those we go out of our way to avoid, and as far as saying it to God is concerned—well, God made us the way we are, and He must understand that it’s not us, it’s them.

The result was inevitable: Curry’s wonderful sermon is being praised by all, the British press as well as the Intermob, as a ‘celebration of Black culture’ instead of the key to changing the world we live in. And having praised it in that patronising way, we have said all that love can expect of us, and can go back to our bitter denunciations of those who voted for and against Trump, for and against Brexit, etc etc etc ad mortem eternam…