Resources for Evangelicals staying in the Episcopal Church

Biblical reasons for staying in the Episcopal Church (Philip Wainwright)

The Case for Staying in the Episcopal Church (Jim Simons)

The Lesser of Evils: False Teaching or Schism? (Jeff Murph)

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Simeon Trust Preaching Workshops

John Stott’s Challenge to Episcopalians

The Anglican Pattern of Episcopacy (J. W. Hunkin)

Rowan Williams: Advent Letter 2007

Rowan Williams: Reflections on PECUSA’s General Convention 2009

Reforming the Church Today (Michael Lawson)

History of EFAC-USA, Cook Kimball (Cook Kimball)

EFAC Statement of Faith

Evangelical Religion (J. C. Ryle)

Predestination and Free-Will—Is There a Contradiction? (Charles Simeon)

Mark Ashton, Reforming the Parish Church (Mark Ashton)

Reasons Against a Separation from the Church of England (John Wesley)

The Place of the Thirty Nine Articles in the Episcopal Church (Philip Wainwright)