Rodin's "The Thinker"Today, I noticed on TV an ad for a new dating site called  In their ad, they displayed something that insinuated that once God puts his divinely ordained means of of pursuing his will in front of you (i.e. their website), the ball was in your court to follow through and discover the “will of God” in regards to your relationships (i.e. by using their website).  A fairly sneaky guilt trip/marketing campaign, if you ask me.

There has long been a kind of mystical fatalism in the American evangelical world about trying to unravel God’s will for a person’s life.  Especially in the realm of relationships.  We’ve all been set on a quest for the “The One” (all Matrix and Keanu Reeves jokes aside), or as Christian Mingle’s trademark blasts: Find God’s Match for You.  Now, there are indeed well-deserved considerations about divine sovereignty and human responsibility worthy of thought.  But the modest metaphysical pay grade of most Christians allows us a freedom that we too often neglect when it comes to making choices in life.

Burning bush experiences and definitive “still small voices” are the exception, not the rule, in Christian experience.  The leading of the Holy Spirit is usually about the basics of loving God and neighbor, obeying the clear teachings of the Bible, and making decisions based on biblical principles culled by studious, redeemed Christian reason.  Too often, instead, we are looking for justifications with as much emotional power as the way our current feelings happen to be inclined (emotions which are often clearly contrary to the will of God as revealed in Scripture).

What we really need is wisdom!  And wisdom is about thought and obedience, not signs and wonders.  In life, we have freedom as Christians to make choices.  Not every decision we make is vital to the big picture of God’s will (“Should I wash the dishes now or at half past, Lord?”).  Love is our motivation, the teaching of the Bible is our command, wisdom is our confidante, and the community of God’s faithful is always available to help us discern.  And if we are clearly going down the wrong path, the Holy Spirit is capable enough to get our attention to stop us, and strong enough to handle our mistakes if we ignore him.

So don’t let smooth marketing guilt trip you.  God loves you too much than to leave his will veiled in the wishy-washiness of feelings and sporadic supernatural phenomena.  His will is found clearly in Christ and the scriptural testimony that points to him, and your part is to trust the gifts God has already put at your fingertips and make decisions in an manner that glorifies him.